Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Peaceful Pond Trail Photos & Haiku Poem

Peaceful Pond Trail With Fall Foliage
My husband and I were blessed with a short walk on the "Peaceful Pond Trail" at Patapsco Valley State Park on a recent autumn day. There was rain and drizzle on and off and we had the trail completely to ourselves, except for the wildlife. We spotted many birds, including at least one cardinal, bluejay and titmouse as well as squirrels and a chipmunk. There was something swimming in the pond but we couldn't tell if it was a large fish, turtle or something else. It was truly a peaceful and enjoyable walk and it inspired me to write this little haiku poem.

Peaceful Pond Trail Haiku
A short wooded hike
loops around a peaceful pond
with fall foliage
Peaceful Pond Trail Scenery photo by Ben Wheeler, used with permission
 My husband took the scenic photo above. I like the different shades of green and the curly vine.

I took the photo above at the far edge of the pond. I thought the different fall foliage colors and shapes of the leaves were interesting.
The birds enjoyed this red berried bush but wouldn't stay still long enough to be included in the photograph (my pictures were taken with a point and shoot camera which has a significant delay but is convenient and fits in my pocket).

I hope you enjoyed my mini tour of the Peaceful Pond Trail. May God bless and keep you!

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