Friday, October 11, 2013

Philadelpha Dahlia Society Flower Show Photos

Assorted Mixed Dahlias by Ben Wheeler, used with permission
A few weeks ago my husband and I attended the Philadelphia Dahlia Society's flower show at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. The variety and quality of their dahlia exhibits were a feast for our eyes. I hope you enjoy this mini photo tour of the dahlia show. My husband kindly donated the photo above for this post. The flowers were part of a humongous all-dahlia arrangement at the entrance to the show.
Above you can see some of the top prize winning dahlias from the show. The Philadelphia Dahlia Society's members have some of the healthiest, largest dahlia blooms I've ever seen.
 The show also showcased dahlia themed floral arrangements.
This is one of my favorite dahlias, the "Pooh" variety. We actually have one of these in our yard but it just bloomed for the first time this week. I was so excited I wrote a haiku about it, even though it's form is not as perfect as the one pictured above.
Here's an overview of the main floor of the show, which was held in Longwood Garden's gorgeous conservatory (the arrangements and top prize winners were in other nearby areas of the conservatory). I love seeing so many dahlia varieties and hearing people exclaim over the various amazing blooms. I try to keep to 5 photos per post but I have some more macros I'd like to share so if you love dahlias or beautiful flower images, be sure to visit again soon to see the close up dahlia photos.

May God bless and keep you!

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