Friday, July 27, 2012

Lantana Trees for Floral Friday

I've been wanting something tall for in front of our dining room windows and came across these lantana trees this week. Regularly $49.99 each they were on clearance for only $12.50 each! So I got all three for less than the price of one. They're working out great and already attracting bees (and hopefully, soon butterflies too).
Here's a close up of a lantana flower cluster. We grew a lot of lantana when we lived in Arizona and they can handle the crazy hot heat there so I figure they can handle it here too. They won't survive the winter unless I bring them inside though (Ben says no to this so far but I'm trying to convince him so if you agree that they're worth saving please let me know and I'll pass your comments on to him).

Here's a photo of the lantana trees from an angle that shows you more of their height. Now I'll just need to find three matching pots for them. Happy Friday and weekend to you all. May God bless you!


  1. PS I had intended something more exotic for our first Floral Friday post but the place I'd selected didn't permit photography. Now I know to check in advance.