Monday, August 19, 2013

My Top 4 Tips For Limiting Internet "Wasted" Time

Image by DHester
Some people use programs that lock them out of the internet during certain hours or that log all of their online time but my favorite tips (that I use myself) are low tech. These tips are little habits that lead into one another and, together, when I use them, help keep my internet time down to less than half of where I started.
  1. A Paper Log: Jotting down the start/end time of my computer sessions helps keep them shorter and I'm mindful the total time spent. When I use this method I tend to use a piece of scrap paper or a post it note for the day and I'll tally my total non-work related internet time. When I first started doing this I was astonished at how much time I spent online. Awareness is a great first step to change.
  2. Timer: I find that setting a timer for whatever amount of time I've decided is acceptable (say 15 minutes) for the session will help me keep to that time. This is especially useful for minimizing my morning Facebook time. I cut that time in half by using a timer (and the log helped me see how long I'd been spending to begin with). Speaking of which, I need to go back to using a timer because since I stopped my time increased. The timer really makes a difference for me.
  3. Avoidance: Seriously. Try not going online for every little thing. I track a lot of things and I used to go online to input the data throughout the day. To reduce computer time I don't just pop on here and there (because that 1 minute to log something in can easily turn into an hour chatting with friends, writing emails etc.). 
  4. Batching: Now I keep a notebook by the computer and write down the tracking numbers I want to input and do it all at once in a session towards the end of the day. By grouping my online tasks I manage my time better. For example, when I first started using Lift I would log on after each habit was done to check it off. It's far more time efficient to wait until my late afternoon session (when hopefully I've finished all my Lift habits for the day and can check them all off at once) than to log on every hour to check them off one or two at a time. 
I hope you find these tips help you reduce your internet time and wish you increased productivity and all of God's best blessings!


  1. Thanks for the tips. Very helpful.

    1. Thank you kindly, Mink! And thank you for your fabulous support on Lift too :)

  2. Great, now... I just have to DO IT! :)

    1. Thank you kindly, Sylvia! You can do it if you really want to ;)