Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cat Enjoys My First Dinner Plate Dahlia

This is my very first "dinner plate dahlia." It's not the full 10" wide that it was advertised to grow but it's about 8" wide and that beats any other dahlia I've grown by a long shot. Given that it spent most of April-August in a pot (although it didn't bloom until actually in the ground) I'm especially happy with the results.
My feral born cat, Baby, even took a minute to enjoy the giant flower. Notice how she stretched her neck to smell the giant dahlia bloom and kept the bulk of her weight away from it (for a quick getaway, if needed, I presume). Moose, our older cat, slept through the whole photo session.
I was so excited to see this first dinner plate dahlia flower I wrote a little haiku about it, although eight inches didn't work syllable wise so I used seven instead.

Haiku Poem
Seven inches wide
magenta and pink petals
dinner plate dahlia
Have you grown giant dahlias? If you have any tips about what works well or didn't work at all I'd love to hear them! This will be the first winter we dig our tubers up so any tips about that would be appreciated too. Otherwise I'll be following the Philadelphia Dahlia Society's instructions (they're north of us but that's where we bought the tubers from this spring).

May God bless you and those you love!

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