Friday, September 6, 2013

Easy Closets: Affordable Storage Solutions for Everyone - Book Review

I borrowed Creative Homeowner's Easy Closets: Affordable Storage Solutions for Everyone from my local library. I loved the excellent photos and step by step instructions, practical tips and attention to safety for the DIY projects. They show their DIY projects in such a way that they seem doable. There are are even a few DIY projects (like the pullout shelves pictured below) that I, a non-handy person, might be willing to tackle on my own. While "everyone" may not be able to afford their solutions I do think that most Americans would find something in this book that could help them better use their space.
These pullout shelves would be especially useful in my kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities but I might start with a tiny closet upstairs. The pullouts would make this previously useless corner closet a valuable storage area.
The photos in the book are nicer than my photos of them convey. The book is due back to the library today so I can't wait for better lighting but I think you can see enough to judge whether the book will interest you as much as it did me. As most professional organizers will tell you, however, it's better to get rid of your clutter before you organize. So, I'll likely check this book out again once I'm happy with my decluttering efforts and then put some of its ideas into action. I hope you enjoyed this book review and wish you every success!

May God bless you!

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