Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Minute Office Supply Cube Reorganization and Clutter Removal

Recently I took 9 minutes and 35 seconds (rounded up to 10 minutes in the title) to declutter our office supply cube. It started out organized but I haven't tended to it in over a year and it was getting hard to fit back in its spot on the shelf. You can see the "before decluttering" picture above and the "after decluttering" picture below. The "before" is a scrambled mess and the "after" is a manageable, categorized collection.

 Here are the steps I took to organize our office supplies:

  1. Remove everything from the bin, loosely sorting into categories and putting things that belong somewhere else in a basket
  2. Clean the bin
  3. Firm up the categories (the categories I ended up with that went back in the bin were writing implements, paper [sticky notes and notepads], staples, clips - we keep full sized paper on a bookshelf in the office and printer cartridges and software have their own cubes); there were also things for the donation bag)
  4. Put rubber bands around categorized items as appropriate (loose writing implements together, paper together etc.). My hope is that this will help the categories stay categorized more easily but I'm not the only one using the bin, so we'll see how that works as time passes.
  5. Put the categorized keepers back in their new homes
  6. Enjoy the newly organized space!
 Another view of the "before decluttering" office supply bin.

This is what the office supplies looked like spread all over our dining room table. Only the decorative items weren't in the bin (the flowers, canister, fountain, starter plants and digital frame). Hard to believe all that stuff came out of the small cube!

So, after a few days of using the newly organized office supply cube I'm happy with the results. It was definitely worth the time it took to clear the clutter and make things easier to find.

May God bless you and those you love!

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