Saturday, August 17, 2013

Animal Photos From the Montgomery County Fair

This week my husband and I enjoyed a trip to the Montgomery County Fair. This giant Brahman cow was reputed to be super friendly and she's much huger than she looks in the picture (over 1,000 pounds!). She's chewing on some of the straw but I like to think she was smiling at us.
This little baby miniature horse was adorable! But he'd apparently had too much flash already because he closed his eyes at the sound of my camera turning on. His mama was napping nearby.
This giant bull alternated between seeming to enjoy his bath and hating it but his cowboy took it all in stride.
Not sure if this is a baby llama, alpaca or something else but it was really cute!
If you follow my blog you know I love cats, but I didn't see any live cats at the fair so here's a blue-ribbon winning beautiful painting of two cats snuggling.

Have you ever entered in your county's fair? I'd love to hear about it! This year I might not be as active as last year but I am hoping to enter some flowers, herbs, handicrafts and photos. May God bless you and those you love!

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