Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Toilet Decorating Contest Photos: Wild Wednesday

Welcome to wild Wednesday! Usually I post animal photos but this week I'm giving you a different kind of wild in the form of toilet decorating contest photos. I've mostly included individual toilet photos but there's an overview photo of the whole contest at the end of the post. I took these photos at the Montgomery County Fair and hope you get a laugh out of them.

Looks like this decorator was going for a riding in style theme. I'd guess that this was the most expensively decorated toilet.

Flushing tribute to the Caps.

 I'd award this toilet most likely to scare off non pirate users.

 Can you tell that there's a toilet under that giant chicken?

Surprised to see two jackpot toilets and no crackpot toilets.

An olympic themed toilet also surprised me. Of course, just the idea of a toilet decorating contest is kind of surprising.

Here's the overview of the toilet decorating contest.

Hope you're having a wonderful wild Wednesday! May God bless you!

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