Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013 - Hello 2014 - Plus a Free Gift for You!

Butterfly Banner by Ben Wheeler
It's the final day of 2013 and many of us are looking forward to a better 2014. May God will it to be our best year yet! I have a New Year post planned for you tomorrow and the photo above (courtesy of my beloved husband) is a hint at what's to come.
Christmas Atrium - not sure if this is by Ben or Phyllis
But before we jump into next year I want to share some final 2013 holiday pictures from some of the Washington D.C. Smithsonian museums.
This poinsettia encircled cherub fountain was lovlier in person. I think I took the photo of it in the National Gallery of Art museum.
Like the Longwood Gardens poinsettias, I found myself liking the variegated type best. 
But this curly leafed poinsettia also caught my fancy. 

While you're contemplating this year and preparing for next year, I hope my little gift to you will be of service. It's an updated copy of my year end review spreadsheet. I gave more details on how I use it in this post last year but it's pretty self explanatory. You can do it in less than an hour or print it out and add to it over the course of a week or use it however you like.

While I normally do this at the end of December, with Moose the cat being so sick (although she is no longer critically ill, she is scheduled for surgery on January 2 and has needed a lot of extra care to nurse her through this difficult time), my husband's extended leave and my own health challenges, I'm giving myself a break and have some time scheduled next week to enjoy a cup of tea, relax and dedicate an hour to prayerfully filling it out. I'll set aside a different time a few days later to prayerfully make my action plan for 2014.

May 2014 be filled with all the blessings your heart can hold and may God's peace, joy and love fill your soul! If you are grieving or suffering in any way as you read this I pray that God will ease your pain and that you will feel His loving presence in your heart. If you would like more information on God's great love for you, I recommend visiting http://peacewithgod.jesus.net/. Peace be with you, dear friend!

Full link to your free gift: 

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Free Simplicity E-Book Offered This Weekend!

Image from Amazon
Minimalist, writer and multiple sclerosis conquerer Courtney Carver is offering her new "Mini-Missions for Simplicity" ebook for free this weekend at Amazon.com. I'm a fan of her "Be More With Less" blog and I enjoyed her and Leo Babauta's "Clutterfree" ebook which I bought earlier this year so I was quick to download her new book while it's free this weekend. 

If you're looking to get organized, live more simply or enjoy the power of less you'll likely enjoy this free book. As Courtney says, "If you don’t have a  Kindle, don’t worry! Kindle books can also be read using the Free Kindle Reader App for your Web Browser, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android."

May God bless Courtney and may He bless you too!

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Direct link to get free book this weekend:

Friday, December 27, 2013

National Christmas Tree with Children's Handmade Ornaments

On Christmas day my husband and I enjoyed viewing the National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C. According to a sign in front of the tree, this giant Engelmann spruce Christmas tree came from Colville National Forest in Washington state and has 5,000 hand made ornaments by Washington school children (although I saw a few made my Oregon school children too).
I thought the poinsettia disk ornament above was very creative and it looks like the crafty child used at least some recycled materials too.
 I loved the little sled ornaments and the children's handwritten sentiments.
Google worked their magic on this cute albeit weather beaten handmade snowman ornament, giving it the snowglobe treatment. I thought  the Starbucks cup was a nice nod to Washington's industry.
Here's another Google magic picture. The green sequins in the ornament really did glitter in the sunshine so I love that you can see it in the picture now too.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of our National Christmas Tree and a few of the kids' handmade ornaments. May God bless America, our children, and may He bless you too!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Blessings

Merry Christmas to one and all! May God's peace and joy reign in your hearts as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ!

The photo above is of part of one of the Christmas cards we sent out this year to our closest family and friends. Although we've cut back on sending out physical Christmas cards I hope you'll enjoy this virtual one. In case you can't read the type on the photo, here's the Christmas blessing poem by Helen Steiner Rice:

"This brings a special Christmas prayer
That God will keep you in His care
And bless in peaceful, joyous ways
These holy, happy holidays"

May God bless you this Christmas and always!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Cat Santa and Reindeer

 I love Google's magic photos. I don't know how they did it but they made the photo of Moose the Cat (above) look like she's in a snowstorm or snow globe. Cuteness!
While these funny and cute Christmas cat pictures were taken earlier in December, I'm dating the post Christmas eve. Although we had plans to spend our Christmas Eve differently, poor Moose was gravely ill and we had to take her to the emergency vet. Because she's so old they didn't want to risk putting her under so she's going to be on some serious pain killers and antibiotics for a while.
I pray she's still with us in the upcoming new year. Moose is a fun cat, full of love and willing to wear all my crazy costumes in exchange for treats and petting. She loves a warm lap and is fond of sleeping right on top of heater grates. It's hard to tell in this picture, but she's dressed as a reindeer.
 Here's a view from above of Moose the cat in the reindeer costume .
 Moose even tolerated red reindeer antlers!
Mostly she likes to sleep though so for this photo I just surrounded her usual sleeping place with poinsettia garlands and held the antlers up with one hand while taking the photo with the other. Moose the cat is a good sport!

Baby cat (who's also old but younger than Moose) wasn't interested in photos this Christmas. We're happy she's still with us too. Between her age and the seizures we're thankful for each extra day we get with her.

Merry Christmas from me and my cats!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas at Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens' Christmas/Holiday decorating in their conservatory was even more amazing in person, but I hope you'll enjoy my mini virtual tour of the highlights. For me, the most spectacular sight was this huge fanciful floor decoration made from red and green apples. According to a Longwoods Garden brochure, the apples were floating in four inches of water. If you look closely there's also a chandelier type ceiling decoration filled with blooming orchids.
The conservatory was filled with Christmas-y floral delights. Topiaries, berries, and a wide variety of Christmas trees greet visitors from every angle.
Poinsettias, cyclamen and more adorn the pool around the fountains and coordinate with the Christmas tree in the background.
This was my favorite poinsettia photo from the trip. I liked the variegation in the petals and the little white flowers streaming down from another plant.
This is the view you get entering from the new wing of the conservatory. It gives you an idea of the size of the addition, although there are wings off to both the left and the right and the original conservatory isn't in the picture at all (in other words, it's huge). 

Which photo did you like best? What flowers say "Christmas" to you? I'd love to hear from you.

I wish you the merriest of Christmases, happiest of holidays and all the joy your heart can hold! I'll be praying for those for whom this is a most difficult time of the year. May God's peace fill your heart!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dave Lakhani's Seven Steps To Activating The Power Of An Hour

Image by monosodium
Years ago I read Dave Lakhani's great book Power Of An Hour: Business And Life Mastery In One Hour A Week. I just came across my notes of his seven steps to activating the power of an hour and thought I'd share them with you. The book goes into great detail as to how to implement each step but if you, like me, have already read the book and just want a reminder of the seven steps, I hope you find this to be a handy efficiency and effectiveness tool.
  1. Clearly identify what you need to change
  2. Apply critical thinking to identify the structure of the change
  3. Apply creative thinking to identify other solutions
  4. Identify next steps
  5. Schedule your change and take the first action
  6. Evaluate your activity and measure your success
  7. Reward your successful completion
Source: page 3,  Power Of An Hour: Business And Life Mastery In One Hour A Week, by Dave Lakhani

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving From Me & My Cat!

"We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers."
1 Thessalonians 1:2 (NIV)

May God bless you this Thanksgiving and always!  As I reflect on my blessings, I thank God for you and your kind encouragement, dear readers!

The photo above is of one of the card covers I made for our closest family members this year. I may not be a talented card maker but I enjoy making the cards and praying over the recipients as I design and write them.

Everything in our lives comes from God: life itself, family, friends, food, shelter, clothing, books, nature, art... He is the only reason anything exists and thanksgiving is a great time to heap praise upon our Lord.  God is great! Jesus is Lord of Thanksgiving and every day! Let everything within me praise Him!

Of all my blessings, eternal salvation is what I'm most thankful for and my husband is my best earthly blessing. While my life certainly has its challenges, I am abundantly blessed and deeply thankful. 

On a lighter note, my cute and funny Baby cat also has some Thanksgiving sentiments for you (in the photo below - for anyone who can't read the text it says "I'm thankful for this comfy spot & that I'm not a turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!).
She's definitely a cat who knows how to get comfortable and she's a wonderful blessing too. 

I pray that you have a blessing and love-filled Thanksgiving!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunlit Tiger Cub Cuteness (Photos)

Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
If you love cute baby tigers as much as I do yesterday's photos and the previous day's videos just weren't enough. So here's one last installment of cute baby tiger pictures from this week's trip to the National Zoo. These aren't as action oriented as yesterday's photos but the light is a lot better in these and you can see the tigers' beautiful coloring more clearly. While this is the last in this series, I am hoping to make more trips (God willing, of course) to take in the baby tigers' playful cuteness so if you want to see more of little Bandar and Sukacita just let me know.
Baby Tiger Licks Paw Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
This cute baby tiger basked in the sun in a pile of leaves and took a minute to lick its paws (while on the lookout for its pouncing sibling).
Baby Tiger Gazes at Sky Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
I think a bird captured the baby tiger's attention. 
Cute Tiger Paw Walk Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
 Baby tiger practices sneaky hunting activities.
Baby Tiger Plays It Safe Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The tiger cub looked like it was going to jump down (I'd guess it to be a six foot drop) but then saw it's mom and apparently decided to wait until it was bigger. The tigers' mom did a great job of keeping an eye on her rambunctious tiger kittens and seemed to have a sixth sense about when one was about to do something foolish.

May God bless this adorable tiger family and may He bless you too!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Cute Tiger Cubs Playing (Photos)

Baby Tiger Swats Mama Tiger Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
Here is the first set of baby tiger photos promised in yesterday's cute baby tiger video post.  Tiger cubs Sukacita and Bandar love playing together and with their mom in their habitat at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.
Baby and Mama Tiger "Hunt" Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The tiger cubs are full of energy and enjoy play hunting while running and jumping around with their mom watching and sometimes participating in the fun. The mom is a big cat but I think little Bandar will be even bigger when he grows up. His paws, while still totally cute, are huge.
Baby Tigers Wresting Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The baby tigers take playful nips at each others' nether regions while wrestling and investigating their space.
Tiger Cubs Play on Stairs Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
If you look closely in the photo above you can see one tiger cub hiding under the stairs and biting its sibling's nether area.
Tiger Cubs "Hide" Under Stairs Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The fall leaves make great camoflauge for the baby tigers. If you look closely you'll see that there are two tiger cubs hiding under the stairs (the second has its head peeking out of the right side of the stair case).

I totally enjoyed every minute of my visit with the baby tigers and their mom. In my opinion, they are some of God's most beautiful creatures and I can't help but praise His amazing creativity and smile at their adorably cute antics. May God bless the tigers, the zoo staff and may He bless you too!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cute Baby Tiger Videos & Haiku Poem

Baby Tiger (Cub) Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
Sumatran tiger cubs Bandar and Sukacita romped and played in their habitat in the National Zoo with their mom to the delight of a small crowd yesterday. They were out when we arrived around 10:15 am and went in around noon. I overheard one of the zoo volunteers telling another viewer that as long as their health and the Washington D.C. weather holds out the cubs should be out daily from around 10:00 am to soemtime between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm. If you live within driving distance I think it's worth a trip to see these adorable baby tigers.

My husband liked the video above, of the baby tigers playing on stairs and then one rolling down and finally chasing after a leaf, best. I hope you like it too. You can hear the carousel music and a commentator from the crowd.

I thought this shorter clip of the baby tigers and their mom playing around the tree and then elsewhere in their habitat was fun too.

The tiger cubs are totally adorable. Once I have time to sort through our many regular pictures (the one at the top was a still shot taken from one of these two videos - my very first movie still shot too!) I plan another tiger baby post. Expect more in the future because I'm already asking my husband to plan another trip. They're irresistably cute and I love them already!

I wrote this haiku poem yesterday in tribute to the baby tigers' cuteness:

Cute Baby Tigers Haiku
Cute, furry and soft
Striped bundles of energy
Tiger cubs playing
May God bless these adorable little creatures and may He bless you too!
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Chrysanthemum Kaleidoscope Photos

I thought these neat combinations of different colored chrysanthemums resembled a kaleidoscope when you look from one photo to the next. In the photo above, which color do you notice first?
Here I think the fuchsia chrysanthemums pop but the apricot, white and pink are beautiful too.
I love how the different colors intermingle and the mauve-red chrysanthemums snake through the middle.
Here the salmon and white take center stage but if you look closely there are some pale pink chrysanthemums too.
Here's an overview shot of the chrysanthemum bed. Which photo did you like best? Which color chrysanthemum would you like to grow in your own yard?

Happy Autumn to you! May God bless and keep you!

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Self Talk for Sound Sleep - Two Free Scripts

Marianne's sound sleeping kitties, Giacomo and Mookie
Photograph by Marianne, used with permission
Earlier this week my friend Marianne shared her self talk for sound sleep and kindly agreed to let me edit and share it with you here (hearty thanks to Marianne for doing so!). Self talk can be a wonderful natural sleep aid that can help your sleep get better and better the more you use it. 

First I'll share Marianne's personalized version of self talk for sound sleep and then I'll share the one I developed for you all. Feel free to use either or both (or parts of either or both) as part of your positive self talk for just the kind of sleep you need.

Marianne's Self Talk for Sound Sleep
  • I get a good night's sleep every night and it makes me feel great
  • I value my sleep and never let less important activities interfere with my good sleep habits
  • I wake up feeling rested and refreshed
  • Because I am well rested I can get up early and do my cardio workout
  • Getting great sleep allows me to wake up before anyone else and have our home to myself and that quiet time is something I treasure

Your Self Talk for Sound Sleep 
  • I love to experience deep, restorative sleep
  • I sleep soundly each night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized
  • I turn off all screens at least an hour before bedtime
  • I keep to a regular bedtime schedule, going to bed at the same time each night so my body can prepare for its well deserved rest
  • In that last hour before bed I enjoy relaxing activities to unwind as part of my pre-sleep routine 
  • Because sleep is important to me and my health, I make relaxing before bed and getting to bed on time high priorities
  • My bed is my haven, a great place to relax, let go and enjoy soothing, serene sleep
  • Getting great sleep allows me to enjoy my life more fully 
I recommend that you post your version of self talk for sound sleep somewhere you'll read it every night as you prepare for bed (perhaps where you brush your teeth). Even if you don't yet have good sleep habits, read it as if it's already true. Read it aloud when you can. Read it often and soon your brain will be working with you to establish great sleep habits and hopefully you too will be experiencing nights of deep, restorative sleep.

May you experience the best sleep possible! May God bless Marianne and may He bless you too! 

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

2nd Blogiversary and Fun Statistics About You

"We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers." 
I Thessalonians 1:2 (NIV)

Thanks to you, dear readers, Love Joy and Peas is celebrating it's second birthday and hit 25,000 page views this year! I want to take this opportunity to give hearty thanks to all of my readers, models, contributors and clients and all the glory to the Lord! I do pray for my readers and you're welcome to post prayer requests in the comments of any of my posts or email me at lovejoypeas@gmail.com and I will be honored to pray for you.

Instead of doing a lot of introspection like I did last year, this year I thought I'd share some statistics about you (my dear readers) and what you showed you liked with your page views. Aside from the statistics, I personally think you are wonderful!

You're a wonderfully diverse group of people. Our top 10 countries by size of our audience (starting with the largest) are: United States, France, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Philippines. If you'd like to see your country move up next year be sure to share our link with your friends.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time:
1. Janet's Super Organized Craft Room
2. Zuma Blitz Tips
3. Free Valentine Coloring Pages
4. Funny St. Patrick's Day Cat Photos
5. RIP Tracey Sandefur
6. Merry Christmas Cat Elf
7. Cherry Blossoms and National Monuments at Washington D.C. Tidal Basin
8. Raindrops on Pretty Flowers Photos
9. Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Garden Photos
10. Teen Inspires Minimalist Spending

This Month's Most Popular Post:
Autumn Bonsai Photos

Over the last two years I have published 310 different posts for your reading pleasure. Which was your personal favorite? Which made you laugh hardest? Which inspired you? What would you like to see more of here at Love Joy and Peas? Is there anything related to this blog that you haven't seen but would like to (maybe a specific inspirational or healthy living topic? photos of a particular flower, place or animal?)?

If I went just by the stats above I'd think you want me to publish more organization, simple living, game tips, cat and nature photo posts. Whether that's true or you'd like to see something else, please let me know. My goal remains "to inspire, encourage and bring joy to people while glorifying God in all I do" and I hope you smile and feel inspired or encouraged when you visit. May God bless and keep you!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day Blessing

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13 (NASB)

May God bless every veteran and service member and provide for their needs both here on earth and in eternity. May He provide safety, comfort, and supernatural awareness of danger so more precious lives may be saved from terrorist and other dangers. May our veterans feel America's love for them, understand that we appreciate their selfless service and countless sacrifices, and feel deep in their hearts and souls like the heroes they truly are.

Last Veteran's Day I wrote this paragraph and I still feel the same now so I'm sharing it again. "Today, I'm focusing on being thankful for our veterans. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for serving our great country. Thank you for the countless sacrifices you've made in your personal and professional lives. Freedom truly isn't free, and we wouldn't have it without our veterans. May God bless you, dear veterans, and may He bless America".

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pray for the Persecuted

Image by xandert
 “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” Hebrews 13:3

Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Please join me in praying for persecuted Christians throughout the world. May they stand strong in their faith.  May they feel God's loving presence and peace deep in their heart, mind and soul. May they experience God's supernatural power flowing through them. May God provide solace and everything they need to glorify Him and win more souls to Christ. May God comfort them, their families and loved ones. May their persecutors see Jesus in them.

It's hard to understand why God allows His people to suffer, but we know He has a plan for each one His children and He wants us to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted. Billy Graham writes, "Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are enduring great trials because of their faith. Most of all, make sure of your own commitment to Christ, and make it your goal to live for Him regardless of what the future holds. Remember: In the end, God will win."

Christian persecution is really happening. We need to pray for the persecuted church and not just today but every day. According to Open Doors, a ministry for the persecuted church, "75% of the world live in an area with severe religious restrictions and "100 million Christians are persecuted worldwide in over 60 different countries!" The official International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church website states, "Believers in countries such as Egypt, Eritrea, India, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan and Vietnam face violence, imprisonment and even death because of their faith in Jesus Christ. There are other places in the world such as North Korea where acts of persecution take place, but we don’t see or hear of it. Brother Andrew of Open Doors once said: 'Our heroes are not with us simply because they are in prison.'" In my mind, every persecuted Christian is a hero and deserves our prayer support.

May God bless every persecuted Christian in the world and may He bless you too!

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Foliage and Capitol Columns Photos

Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, November 2013
The old capitol columns rest on a hill within the U.S. National Arboretum and they're particularly beautiful right now with the autumn color blazing all around them.
Copyright © by Ben Wheeler, November 2013; Used with permission
My husband graciously agreed to share his unique shot (above) through the columns to the foliage across the street.
Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, November 2013
I'm not sure what these yellow (and orange, red and brown) spiky bushes are but they are in their glory this fall. There's a giant planting of them in front of the capitol columns.
Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, November 2013
And here's a close up in case that might help one of you identify them (please let me know what they are if you do!). They were green in the spring and summer (and lovely, but not as striking as they are in the fall). I hope you enjoyed this mini photo tour of the capitol columns and surrounding plants. May God bless you this autumn and always!

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