Monday, May 28, 2012

RIP Tracey Sandefur

Beautiful Bunny Photo By Leele
Today I learned that my friend Tracey Sandefur, also known in the Castle Age gaming world as Bunny Gilgamesh, passed away from a heart attack. My heart aches for her family and friends and they have my deepest sympathy and will be in my prayers. 

Tracey and I have been Facebook friends for over a year and she has brought joy to my heart and been a faithful and fun Castle Age companion. We shared membership in CAMP (Castle Age's Most Prestigious) and supported the group (and therefore each other) daily. She made me smile and was one of those rare souls you could always count on. The world is poorer for having lost her and she will be sorely missed. Below you'll find a fantastic traditional poem by our mutual friend Joanne Lawson and two little haiku poems by me, all three in honor of Tracey. I hope her soul can feel the love of her 2,400+ friends. If you knew Tracey and would like to contribute a poem that you wrote, I'll be glad to consider publishing it. Just email me at

Farewell Poem from Joanne Lawson
Bunny you were bonny
And very very funny
You lived your life a bouncin’
And a hoppin’ round our pages

When anything needed clicking
Or a shoulder for to cry on
You were there to help your buddies
With your lovely bouncy bunny

We will miss you popping over
And your pics among the news reel
We will miss your kindred spirit
Among the group walls as we click them

Fly safely bouncing bunny
To the fields of love and plenty
Where your love will last forever
Among the pastures of the Blessed

And when we come to join you
We will sing of love rekindled
In the meanwhile dearest Tracey
Travel safely dear friend

-Written by Joanne Lawson and published with her permission

 Farewell Haiku I from Phyllis Wheeler

You touched many souls
Rest in peace dear Bunny G
Treasured in our hearts 

Farewell Haiku II from Phyllis Wheeler 

CAMP mate, loyal friend
Trusty battle companion
You are sorely missed 


  1. I am blessed to have found this, just as I was blessed to know her as a friend. TY :)

    1. Thank you Mary. Tracey was a blessing to all who knew her.

  2. sending a goodbye "blurp!
    Thanks for the joy Tracey

    1. Thank you Anonymous. Tracey was definitely a joy bringer :-)