Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Poem

Image by KConnors

On Memorial Day
Our thoughts turn to thankfulness
To those who gave their lives
Who fought with guns and knives

Who braved the unthinkable 
Endured the impossible 
Thinking not of their own life 
Not necessarily even the current strife
But valuing freedom, honor, 
Selfless service, loyalty, 
Duty, respect, 
Courage and integrity
Over the pain, 
Back breaking hard work, 
Mental strain, 
And grueling hours.
Each of you is a hero 
Strong and brave. 
You live on in our hearts 
Beyond the grave.
They say freedom isn't free 
You know that is true. 
Thank God for liberty. 
Thank God for you.

Poem written by me on May 31, 2010  

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