Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens Photos

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens Visitor center: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens Nature Trail: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
My husband pleasantly surprised me today by taking leave and making a day trip to Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. This was our first visit to the park and we took the nature trail first. When we visit in the future we'll spend less time on the nature trail and more time in the aquatic gardens section. I'm planning follow up posts featuring photos of a) flowers b) an adorable goose family c) other wildlife so be sure to check back again soon if any of those topics interest you.

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens Trail: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens: Photo by Ben Wheeler

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Irises: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
Hope you enjoyed this overview slideshow. May God bless you!

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