Friday, May 4, 2012

Using Zuma Blitz Powers for Super High Scores

A screen shot of my highest score to date in Zuma blitz
My Tips for Selecting Powers and Achieving High Scores in Zuma Blitz

Just about every week I'm asked via Facebook wall posts and email messages just how I achieved my current Zuma Blitz high score. Now, I'm far from the best player in the world, but my current high score is displayed above and my last two weeks' scores were over 3 million. I'm sharing this so you know that I have personally reached high scores and this isn't just a theoretic article but a practical one. This article focuses on which special powers I use and why I choose them.

Analysis: Which Zuma Blitz Powers Are Best
Every week the Zuma Blitz developers come out with a new puzzle. Before I use any powers I get a feel for the board by playing without any powers at all. In fact, I play far more games without powers than with powers. After playing a few games I analyze the data Zuma Blitz provides and make a determination as to which will serve me best this week. Truly, the best combination of powers will vary for each player based on their own strengths and weaknesses in the game in general and on the current puzzle in particular. I like to pick powers based on my strengths for the current week. So, for example, if I find that I got a crazy high amount of points from the fruit, then I'll pick the fruit power. Basically, I match the three powers (I either play with all three or none) to my three highest scoring areas for this week's puzzle.
My Usual Selections: My Favorite Four Zuma Blitz Powers
I'm guessing that most of you either don't want to take the time to analyze your strengths or just want to know which powers I use. If that's the case, here is my secret. Most of the time I use the multiplier, the time bonus, and the chain bonus. These are the three powers on your second screen (assuming you've reached a high enough level in Zuma Blitz to have access to all three) and in picture two for this article. However, when a puzzle is tougher for me, I tend to replace the chain bonus with the fruit bonus.
Timing: When to Use Zuma Blitz Powers
As I mentioned earlier, I play more often without powers than with them. This lets me bank my mojo (what you need within the game in order to access your powers.
When I do not use powers:
• When multitasking (for example, watching a movie and playing Zumba blitz at the same time).
• When tired, hungry or otherwise distracted.
• Before I think I've got a good feel for the new puzzle of the week.
When I do use powers:
• When I feel especially alert and focused.
• Once I think I've mastered the current week's puzzle well enough for the mojo expense to be justified (this is just an intuitive thing. If I figure out how to quantify it I'll amend the article or write a new one).
I hope this article was helpful for you! Best wishes for high scores in Zuma Blitz!
Personal Experience

Adapted from an article written by me and originally published at Associated Content/Yahoo Voices

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