Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Natural Sleep Aid Recommendation

Two different friends asked for referrals for an inexpensive, natural but non herbal sleep aid today. Paul McKenna's "I Can Make You Sleep" book and hypnosis cd set immediately came to mind. I love McKenna's hypnosis cds and find them very relaxing. I enjoyed his "I Can Make You Thin" and "Change Your Life in Seven Days" books as well. If you're having trouble sleeping it might be worth seeing if Paul McKenna can make you sleep. The book should be widely available at book retailers and is in my local library so perhaps it's in yours as well. May you have deep refreshing sleep tonight!

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Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with Paul McKenna in any way nor am I receiving any compensation for sharing this recommendation.


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    1. Thank you, Steve. You might enjoy this DIY sleep tea article:
      and/or this self talk for good sleep article:
      Happy New Year to you and yours!