Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn Maryland Garden Flower Photos

I'm not sure of the source but I have October 11th on my calendar as the average first frost date for my area of Maryland. We still haven't had a frost yet this year so I'm enjoying each extra day of flowers as it comes and hope these photos brighten your day as well. Above is a bee savoring an orange tithonia flower.
A close up of one of our yellow chrysanthemum plants.
Possibly our last "strawberries and cream" rose of the year. A dear friend's description of her own plant has me wanting a "Mr. Lincoln" rose for next year so we might have an addition to our rose garden in the spring.
One of our dinner plate dahlias. Once I see frost on the forecast I'll cut all the stems that have buds and bring them inside.
A light apricot chrysanthemum. It just started blooming this week and the bees and butterflies are already enjoying it. I love seeing butterflies in October even if they are too fast for my camera.

May God bless you this October and always!

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