Saturday, October 12, 2013

Delightful Dahlia Close-Up Photos

Yesterday I shared some overview photos of the Philadelphia Dahlia Society's flower show and today I want to share some macro (close-up) photos of my favorite dahlias from the show. The one above had a striking contrast between the bright yellow center and fiery red tips.
 This dahlia's coloring is less dramatic but still gorgeous with its peach to yellow petal coloring.
I loved how the red is more of a petal outline in this dahlia as well as the lovely overall shape of the giant flower.
This struck me as the most unique dahlia bloom. Not only did the petals curl upward and in different directions but they appeared to be little hollow tubes with the inner tubes and tips bright white, the main flower color yellow and red stripes of varying widths to engage the eyes.
I think this is a "mars" dahlia. We have this same variety in our garden (so of course I'm partial to it) although the one above is lovelier than those we produced. I see how people get addicted to growing dahlias and want more and more varieties every year. There's so much diversity within the dahlia species and, once they start blooming, they provide a lot of flowers. Even now in October I'm still getting new blooms every day. Once we get a hard frost that will end but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

May God bless you this October and always!

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