Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scott Cole's "Qigong Wakeup Call" Affirmations

This morning I was blessed with the opportunity to attend fitness legend Scott Cole's Qigong Wakeup Call class in Baltimore. Scott radiates kindness and a healthy, helpful energy. His classes are my favorite part of AAAI/ISMA's annual fitness conference.

My beautiful classmate, Heather, kindly agreed to model the end of class four-step affirmation poses Scott shared with us. Above is step one, strength. The key to this affirmation pose is to have relaxed power in your muscles and keep your fists lose (versus tight and clenched).
The second affirmation is self acceptance. It's like hugging yourself loosely and it doesn't matter which hand is on top.
For the third affirmation pose you just reverse which hand is on top and bottom in your self hug. I am not 100% sure but think this affirmation was awareness.
The fourth and final affirmation pose, with your arms joyfully held wide, is openness (to experience, to helping others and being vulnerable enough to be your true self). To Scott, "that's what life's all about."
Hearty thanks to Scott and Heather for a fantastic class and graciously allowing me to photograph them! May God bless them and may He bless you too!

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