Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Haiku and Prayer

Pink rose in honor of those who are, have or will battle breast cancer
My heart goes out to everyone affected by breast cancer. In October, breast cancer awareness month here in the USA, it tends to be on our minds more often. But for those dealing with the disease or the loss of a loved one due to it, it's almost always on their mind. I pray for an end to all cancers, all suffering and all disease. There's breast cancer treatment center that calls all of it's patients survivors from the moment of diagnosis. I like that positive label so I tend to use it in my writing. Whether you're on the first day of your battle with breast cancer or you're in your 20th year of remission, you're a survivor! While researchers labor to find a cure and end this terrible disease, I cannot offer such concrete help. But I hope my little poem and prayer offerings can bring someone a moment of awareness, comfort or peace.
Breast Cancer Awareness Haiku
One in nine women
will fight breast cancer in her
lifetime. We need a cure!
Prayer for Breast Cancer Survivors
Dear Lord, please be with all breast cancer survivors, comfort them, heal them, guide their medical team so they receive the best human care possible. Guide the researchers so a cure is found soon. Grow the faith of those who know You so others can see Your love in their hearts, even as they battle breast cancer. Show those who love breast cancer survivors how to help them on their journey and open channels of communication so their relationships grow stronger despite the challenges. Let Your peace reign in the hearts of all breast cancer survivors and their loved ones. Lend your strength to weary shoulders. Provide divine healing so You might be glorified on earth as You are in heaven. In Jesus' name, Amen.

May God bless, keep and heal you!

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