Saturday, March 16, 2013

Funny St. Patrick's Day Photos of Baby Cat & Sad News

I forgot to turn the flash off but Baby knew to shut her little eyes.
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Baby cat isn't quite as easy going as Moose the cat but I didn't want to leave her out of the festivities so here are her St. Patrick's day photos. Mostly I try to catch Baby (a feral-born cat) when she's nearly asleep and just drape props around her. Even though she's a bit skittish around other people, she is my absolute favorite cat ever. She has dog-like devotion to me and purrs whenever I pet her.

Cute little Baby cat eventually fell asleep this way. Funny!
I've known that she has severe allergies and asthma and I'd suspected that she might have epilepsy. I'd seen her have a few seizures but they were so short lived that I wasn't sure that's what was going on and it never happened at the vet's office. Well, yesterday she had a really big seizure that started while she was on top of a tall stool. The poor little thing (she only weighs 7 lbs even though she's about 14 years old and is fully grown) fell off the stool and was caught between it and the wall with her head banging against the wall hard until I was able to free her.

I'm so thankful that she seems fine now but I'm saddened that the previous seizures weren't just a figment of my imagination. Have any of you had a cat with seizures? Is there anything you can do for them? I'd sure appreciate hearing your experiences or advice if you have any related to this.

May God bless you and those you love!

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  1. Oh, the poor thing! What did your vet say?

    1. The vet said since she's "old" (to me she's the young cat because she's only 14 and our other one is 17) that we are to just watch and wait until her seizures become more frequent or severe and then he'll put her on anti-seizure medication. But the good news is her blood work came back fine *and* her seizures are either happening out of my sight or getting less frequent. Less frequent is good!