Thursday, March 15, 2012

Funny St. Patrick's Day Cat Photos

I'd originally planned to set up a little photo area for our cats' 2012 St. Patrick's Day photo session but they were mellow last night and I seized the opportunity to dress them up (they know they get treats afterward and don't seem to mind these sessions). Here was the first step - adding the leprechaun hat.
 Next came the St. Patrick's day necklace.

 And a package of glittery shamrocks.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day from Moose, our elderly cat.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Baby, our junior (but full grown) cat.  Hope you enjoyed our funny feline St. Patrick's Day photos. May God bless you with a fun and blessed St. Patrick's day!


  1. Hi Phyllis– Had a quick question of you from ABC News, can you email me? Thanks!