Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pam's Super Clean Cat Castle: House Crashing

My super-organized friend Pam was kind enough to give me a tour of her amazingly clean home today. I now think of her place as the "Cat Castle" because she has dedicated space to her cats in every room and has lots of cute cat decor. Can you see the cat stained glass on the window and floor mat in her super clean kitchen? Her two cats (pictured below) are abundantly loved and well cared for and clearly have run of the house yet the house smells fantastic and I didn't sneeze once (I usually sneeze at other pet lovers' homes, no matter how well they clean).

Here's Pat's guest, aka "Cat Room." I love the cat decor on the walls and stuffed big and small cat display on the bed.

 Here's Patches, Pam's beautiful calico cat.

Here's Pam's cat, Snicker's, who I fell in love with when she crawled on my lap and started purring within moments of our meeting.

This is Pam's cat friendly bedroom (there's even cat furniture in the corner, as there was in most of her rooms, including her office, living room and even in her sun room) with Snickers the cat enjoying the bed.

I loved Pam's light and airy bathroom. The natural view of the woods outside and plants around the giant bathtub made it feel like a spa retreat.

Hearty thanks to Pam for opening her home to me and my camera! Her home is an inspiration for me to continue my decluttering projects in my own home. If you have an organized home or room and want to share your inspiring place with the world, let me know and I might feature you in a future blog post. There's no pay but you might just help make the world a more pleasant place.

May God bless Pam and her family and may He bless you too!

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