Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cute Baby Tiger Videos & Haiku Poem

Baby Tiger (Cub) Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
Sumatran tiger cubs Bandar and Sukacita romped and played in their habitat in the National Zoo with their mom to the delight of a small crowd yesterday. They were out when we arrived around 10:15 am and went in around noon. I overheard one of the zoo volunteers telling another viewer that as long as their health and the Washington D.C. weather holds out the cubs should be out daily from around 10:00 am to soemtime between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm. If you live within driving distance I think it's worth a trip to see these adorable baby tigers.

My husband liked the video above, of the baby tigers playing on stairs and then one rolling down and finally chasing after a leaf, best. I hope you like it too. You can hear the carousel music and a commentator from the crowd.

I thought this shorter clip of the baby tigers and their mom playing around the tree and then elsewhere in their habitat was fun too.

The tiger cubs are totally adorable. Once I have time to sort through our many regular pictures (the one at the top was a still shot taken from one of these two videos - my very first movie still shot too!) I plan another tiger baby post. Expect more in the future because I'm already asking my husband to plan another trip. They're irresistably cute and I love them already!

I wrote this haiku poem yesterday in tribute to the baby tigers' cuteness:

Cute Baby Tigers Haiku
Cute, furry and soft
Striped bundles of energy
Tiger cubs playing
May God bless these adorable little creatures and may He bless you too!
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