Friday, November 22, 2013

Cute Tiger Cubs Playing (Photos)

Baby Tiger Swats Mama Tiger Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
Here is the first set of baby tiger photos promised in yesterday's cute baby tiger video post.  Tiger cubs Sukacita and Bandar love playing together and with their mom in their habitat at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.
Baby and Mama Tiger "Hunt" Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The tiger cubs are full of energy and enjoy play hunting while running and jumping around with their mom watching and sometimes participating in the fun. The mom is a big cat but I think little Bandar will be even bigger when he grows up. His paws, while still totally cute, are huge.
Baby Tigers Wresting Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The baby tigers take playful nips at each others' nether regions while wrestling and investigating their space.
Tiger Cubs Play on Stairs Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
If you look closely in the photo above you can see one tiger cub hiding under the stairs and biting its sibling's nether area.
Tiger Cubs "Hide" Under Stairs Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The fall leaves make great camoflauge for the baby tigers. If you look closely you'll see that there are two tiger cubs hiding under the stairs (the second has its head peeking out of the right side of the stair case).

I totally enjoyed every minute of my visit with the baby tigers and their mom. In my opinion, they are some of God's most beautiful creatures and I can't help but praise His amazing creativity and smile at their adorably cute antics. May God bless the tigers, the zoo staff and may He bless you too!

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos! What a blessing it must've been to see & capture the special cub moments!

    1. Thank you Brenda! It ws a blessing, for sure. They are so cute!!!

  2. From my Facebook writer page (
    Pamela wrote: "Totally love the tiger cubs!!"

  3. From my personal Facebook page:
    Nadira R. Sheikh "Really enjoy watching all the pics & I agree that they are God's most beautiful creatures Hope you have a great weekend! *Hugs*"

    Teresa Wheeler "Great pictures!"