Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Korea Through Pam's Eyes (Photo Tour)

Korean temple photo by Pam, used with permission
My dear friend Pam recently returned from a fun filled trip to Korea and she kindly shared her photos. When I saw the amazing Korean temple landscape photo above I knew I had to do a blog post with some of her Korean sights. I hope you enjoy this mini photo tour of Korea through Pam's eyes!

Korean temple guard photo by Pam, used with permission
Pam got to see demonstrations by both armed and musical Korean temple guards in their brightly colored uniforms.
Korean dragon statue photo by Pam, used with permission
Pam's visit to Korea included lots of art, including this striking dragon statue with lovely shaped trees in the background.
Korean nightscape photo by Pam, used with permission
 Pam snapped this Korean nightscape photo in the city of Busan.

Beautiful Korean shoreline photo by Pam, used with permission
Pam's photo of this slice of Korean seascape reminds me a little of Big Sur, California (one of my favorite places on earth).
Pam in Korea, photo used with permission
Here's my lovely friend Pam at Beomeosa Temple, the only seaside temple in Korea. A hearty thank you to Pam for sharing her photos! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. If you like Korea and you like cats, be sure to watch for my next post with more of Pam's photos (all cat themed)!

May God bless Pam and may He bless you too!

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