Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Little Lion Cubs for Wild Wednesday

This weekend I was totally blessed by watching two of the National Zoo's super cute lion babies playing in their outside habitat. They had calm moments, like the lounging lion cub above, and wild moments on their own, together and with their mom and aunt. Their aunt had a litter of four more cubs and rumor has it that those cubs will be on view around Father's day.
I loved these adorable little lion cubs at first sight when they dashed into the yard full of energy.
 You can see how small the cubs are compared to their mama lion.
The lion cubs aren't as stealthy as they think they are (their mom seemed to know where they were at all times) but they are definitely fun to watch.
Even something simple like chewing on a log is incredibly cute (consider the paw to head size ratio - adorable)!

May God bless the lions, their keepers and may He bless you too, dear friend!

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