Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Tigers Playing In Snow: Photos & Haiku Poem

It took multiple attempts but we finally got to see the National Zoo's tiger cubs playing in the snow. They were so feisty and cute that it was worth the effort. My husband and I were sharing and swapping cameras so I'm not sure which photos are his and which are mine but they're all posted with his kind blessing.
 The baby tigers love chasing each other around this big tree trunk and throughout their habitat.
I think they look fuzzier in the winter and that just adds to their cuteness, even when they're putting all their strength into their playful activities.
Apparently tiger cubs make great wrestlers too. The baby tigers have grown since I last saw them but they're still little bundles of energy and lots of fun to watch.
Here's the haiku poem I wrote in honor of the cute tiger babies playing in the snow:

Playful tiger cubs-
fuzzy yet ferocious blurs-
romp in the fresh snow.
May God bless the tigers, their keepers and may He bless you too!
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