Thursday, August 15, 2013

75 Ways to Feel Happier

While decluttering I found this undated list of happiness / positive thinking and living strategies I wrote some time ago. Rather than just type it up for myself I thought I'd share it with you. It's not a definitive list, just the result of a little brainstorming. These are things that work for me, my clients or people I know. There were 18 items on the list but as I started typing I thought of more and added them. They're in no particular order and I'm not sure what book(s) I was reading at the time I wrote the original list but The Holy Bible, The Happiness Project, and The Power of Less are some of my favorite books so they probably informed the list some. I'd be glad to do posts on any you'd like more information on - just comment below or email me at May God bless you!
  1. Blessing counting
  2. Sing praise or happy songs
  3. Deflect negative self talk
  4. Use positive self talk
  5. Create a positive environment
  6. Focus on priorities
  7. Arrange joyful experiences
  8. Relive joyful experiences
  9. Anticipate joyful experiences
  10. Enjoy joyful experiences
  11. Give others the benefit of the doubt
  12. Look for the silver lining
  13. See through eyes of love
  14. Give genuine complements
  15. Smile
  16. Be productive
  17. Spend time with supportive family members and friends
  18. Volunteer
  19. Choose to be positive
  20. Healthy habits
  21. Focus on gratitude
  22. Meditating on uplifting scripture 
  23. Pray
  24. Worship God
  25. Morning pep talk
  26. Evening relaxing routine
  27. Positive routines
  28. Seek peace - peacefully
  29. Build fun into your daily life
  30. Help a stranger
  31. Hug someone you love
  32. Enjoy the beauty in life
  33. Give to charity
  34. Complete a nagging task
  35. Choose compassion
  36. Let go of worry
  37. Enjoy life
  38. Meditate on God's Word 
  39. Read uplifting quotes
  40. Enjoy a comedy
  41. Be creative
  42. Kiss a baby 
  43. Spend time helping people less fortunate than yourself
  44. Cherish little moments of happiness
  45. Take time to celebrate your successes
  46. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you
  47. Give a truly meaningful gift
  48. Call someone who is lonely
  49. Visit someone who is suffering
  50. Forgive
  51. Say no 
  52. Schedule breaks into your day
  53. Get enough quality sleep
  54. Eat healthfully
  55. Exercise regularly (check with your doctor first)
  56. Get rid of the clutter in your life
  57. Don't nitpick
  58. Put whatever's bothering you in a long term context (will it matter 5, 10, 20 years from now?)
  59. Question any limiting beliefs
  60. Act like you're happy 
  61. Read good-news stories
  62. Read uplifting books
  63. Limit your exposure to negativity
  64. Savor the little pleasures of life
  65. Align your behavior with your beliefs 
  66. Enjoy some fresh flowers
  67. Relish a bite of dessert
  68. Write a love letter
  69. Release unrealistic expectations of yourself and others
  70. Replace bad habits with good ones
  71. Enjoy some music
  72. Play with your pet (or a friend's)
  73. Walk in the rain
  74. Spend time in nature
  75. Choose joy
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  1. Thanks Phyllis, I needed to be reminded of these...a while ago, like you, I did a daily journal of positive things to put into my life...I remember it now...I know everyone would benefit from this, thanks so much..(((Huggies)))

    1. Thank you Judi! Wish you giant {{{{{hugs}}}}! It was great seeing you and your family in pics on your daughter's Facebook page :) Hope all is well with you all!