Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cute Cheetah Cubs and Wild Wednesdays

Cute cheetah cubs thrill the members only crowd at the National Zoo
Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
I was blessed and overjoyed to have the opportunity to see the two month old cheetah cubs at the National Zoo today. Along with my idea for "Floral Fridays," I thought I'd add "Wild Wednesdays" and thought the cheetah cubs would be a fantastic first feature. The cubs can be seen my zoo members only until Saturday when they will be on view for the general public, generally at 10am and 1pm for one hour each session (cheetah health and weather permitting). 

Baby cheetah hides in grass
Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
Their keepers took turns watching over them and the cheetahs tended to stay on the same side of the habitat as the keepers.
Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
The cheetah cubs were full of energy as they raced around their new habitat, stalking and chasing each other and apparently having a great time.

Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
It was truly a treat to watch these adorable cheetah cubs joyfully bound around their habitat. If you live in the Washington DC area I hope you'll get a chance to see these cute cheetah babies. May God bless the little cheetahs and may He bless you!

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