Saturday, November 16, 2013

Self Talk for Sound Sleep - Two Free Scripts

Marianne's sound sleeping kitties, Giacomo and Mookie
Photograph by Marianne, used with permission
Earlier this week my friend Marianne shared her self talk for sound sleep and kindly agreed to let me edit and share it with you here (hearty thanks to Marianne for doing so!). Self talk can be a wonderful natural sleep aid that can help your sleep get better and better the more you use it. 

First I'll share Marianne's personalized version of self talk for sound sleep and then I'll share the one I developed for you all. Feel free to use either or both (or parts of either or both) as part of your positive self talk for just the kind of sleep you need.

Marianne's Self Talk for Sound Sleep
  • I get a good night's sleep every night and it makes me feel great
  • I value my sleep and never let less important activities interfere with my good sleep habits
  • I wake up feeling rested and refreshed
  • Because I am well rested I can get up early and do my cardio workout
  • Getting great sleep allows me to wake up before anyone else and have our home to myself and that quiet time is something I treasure

Your Self Talk for Sound Sleep 
  • I love to experience deep, restorative sleep
  • I sleep soundly each night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized
  • I turn off all screens at least an hour before bedtime
  • I keep to a regular bedtime schedule, going to bed at the same time each night so my body can prepare for its well deserved rest
  • In that last hour before bed I enjoy relaxing activities to unwind as part of my pre-sleep routine 
  • Because sleep is important to me and my health, I make relaxing before bed and getting to bed on time high priorities
  • My bed is my haven, a great place to relax, let go and enjoy soothing, serene sleep
  • Getting great sleep allows me to enjoy my life more fully 
I recommend that you post your version of self talk for sound sleep somewhere you'll read it every night as you prepare for bed (perhaps where you brush your teeth). Even if you don't yet have good sleep habits, read it as if it's already true. Read it aloud when you can. Read it often and soon your brain will be working with you to establish great sleep habits and hopefully you too will be experiencing nights of deep, restorative sleep.

May you experience the best sleep possible! May God bless Marianne and may He bless you too! 

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