Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunlit Tiger Cub Cuteness (Photos)

Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
If you love cute baby tigers as much as I do yesterday's photos and the previous day's videos just weren't enough. So here's one last installment of cute baby tiger pictures from this week's trip to the National Zoo. These aren't as action oriented as yesterday's photos but the light is a lot better in these and you can see the tigers' beautiful coloring more clearly. While this is the last in this series, I am hoping to make more trips (God willing, of course) to take in the baby tigers' playful cuteness so if you want to see more of little Bandar and Sukacita just let me know.
Baby Tiger Licks Paw Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
This cute baby tiger basked in the sun in a pile of leaves and took a minute to lick its paws (while on the lookout for its pouncing sibling).
Baby Tiger Gazes at Sky Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
I think a bird captured the baby tiger's attention. 
Cute Tiger Paw Walk Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
 Baby tiger practices sneaky hunting activities.
Baby Tiger Plays It Safe Copyright © by Phyllis Wheeler, 11/2013
The tiger cub looked like it was going to jump down (I'd guess it to be a six foot drop) but then saw it's mom and apparently decided to wait until it was bigger. The tigers' mom did a great job of keeping an eye on her rambunctious tiger kittens and seemed to have a sixth sense about when one was about to do something foolish.

May God bless this adorable tiger family and may He bless you too!

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