Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day & Funny Cat Photos

Moose the cat doesn't appreciate her Valentine monkey
Happy Valentine's Day! I thank God for my wonderful husband who showers me with love every day of the year but also takes the time to make Valentine's Day special! I admire and love him beyond what I ever thought possible! Thank you for loving me, Ben!

I hope you are blessed with someone special to love today! If you aren't you could still make the day special for someone else. You could call, write or visit someone who is suffering, volunteer at a charity that speaks to your heart or otherwise reach out and make the world a more loving place. In addition to helping others, you'll probably feel happier for having done so.

My cats weren't too interested in their annual Valentine's Day photo shoot but I thought some of the photos were still funny and/or cute so here are my favorite five. I hope they make you smile. 

I suspect Moose (our old, fuzzy cat) is thinking, "Just hand over the treats already. How many pictures do you need anyway?" I almost titled this photo "Anti-Valentine Cat"

Here Moose the cat is yawning (looks ferocious though, doesn't she?) and Baby cat is just watching and waiting. I think I've spoiled them with post photo treat expectations.

Baby cat did enjoy marking the prop Valentine bags though (I think I made that wire "Love" decoration in 2011).

Moose the cat tried to eat the Love wire art decoration so I ended the photo session. These two cats bring a lot of love and joy into our lives. May God fill your heart with His love and joy on this Valentine's Day and always!


  1. OMG Love this!! Happy Valentines Day to you my friend <3

    1. Thank you Jeannine <3 Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours too! <3