Friday, February 22, 2013

16 Minute Desk Decluttering Project

I love quick and easy decluttering and organizing projects that immediately make a difference. Above is a photo of my desk after I spent 16 minutes (and one second) decluttering, cleaning and organizing it.  That 16 minutes included removing everything but the computer, emptying my trash can, putting in a new trash can liner (a repurposed plastic grocery bag), purging the clutter, categorizing what I decided would go back, dusting everything that needed it, going in the closet twice for dust rags (I needed more than I thought I would!) and putting everything that really belongs somewhere else away or into a basket for distribution later (which took 3 minutes). I started by putting everything where it goes but then remembered that I find it more efficient to do all the putting away it at once (instead of running from room to room every time I see something that belongs elsewhere). 

Below is the "before" picture of my cluttered desk.  As you can see, it's kind of busy and there's too much stuff out. My trash can (right hand bottom corner) is an overstuffed eyesore.

It's surprising what you can accomplish in around 15 minutes. I have a tendency to leave things out to remind myself to do them. That's something I'm working on combating to promote a more peaceful environment. Instead of having a pile of stuff on my desk I can put the things where they belong and make a note on my calendar to do them.

Below is the "after" picture. Ahh, much better!

Although water will go back when I'm at the computer and my working notebooks will be out when I'm working (they're tucked to the left of the hard drive right now), this is a much more attractive space. I kept only what I really use or love and moved all the "reminders" (books I've finished reading but intend to review, cds to be ripped, etc.) to more appropriate places. It's a lot nicer at my desk now. I'm glad I took the 16 minutes to declutter and organize it.

I hope this inspired you in some way! If so, I'd love to hear about it. You're also welcome to join my clutter busting Facebook community. Whatever your goals, may God bless you and keep you!

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