Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easy Exercise Motivation Trick

My exercise tracking calendar for January 2012
If you are achievement oriented (or just like stickers), stickers can be a great exercise motivator. I give myself a star sticker for each weight training session and a random other sticker for cardio sessions where I spend at least 20 minutes in target heart rate zone or do interval training. I aim to work out daily but if I miss up to two days a week I don't worry about it. As you can see from my January calendar, I only missed two days last month. I love seeing a mostly (and even, occasionally, completely) filled up callendar at the end of the month.

January was my first month with these fun word stickers and I found them especially motivating. If you liked getting star stickers or happy faces on your grade school homework, this easy exercise motivation trick might help you too.

This is the top part of my January 2012 calendar. 
I just love Wendy Bentley's artwork so thought I'd share the top part of my calendar too.

The top part of my February 2012 calendar.

Another great thing about using stickers for tracking exercise is that you can look for patterns. I noticed that for January and February (I've missed one day in February so far) the only days I missed were all days that my husband didn't work. He's not into formal exercise (I guess he got enough of that in his Air Force career) but he is a good sport about going for walks together so that's an area I can fix if I want to (seeing that I've hit my target of at least five workouts a week I'm not too concerned but if that were to change I would take action).

It doesn't matter what kind of stickers you use. I've used hearts, kittens, balloons, puppies, birds, Bible verses and more. There are stickers for everyone and you can even make your own. Just get stickers and a calendar that make you smile. Hope you find this strategy helpful. Happy exercising!

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