Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lion Log Hog

This adolescent male lion cub had a great time hogging all the log climbing fun
Photograph by Ben Wheeler

The lion's siblings ganged up on him for hogging the log fun
Photograph by Ben Wheeler

Then one of the other lions climbed up the log
Photograph by Ben Wheeler

As mentioned in the log loving lion video post, prior to today we'd never seen a lion climb this scratching post tree in their habitat at the National Zoo before. Yet today not one, but two different lion cubs decided to scale it and it looked like they had a great time too. Every time we've visited the zoo recently we've heard rumors that the cubs will be separated by gender soon so it's always a pleasant surprise to see all seven cubs (from two litters) together. If you live near Washington D.C. you might want to see the lion cubs while they're still together. The keepers tend to have them out with their dad in the morning and then with their moms in the afternoon. May you know even more happiness than these precious lion cubs!

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