Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bear Claw Cleaning

This Andean bear appeared to have something stuck in his paw and I found it interesting to watch him get whatever it was out so I started snapping photographs. He did get the offending item out before we left and was walking around just fine afterward.

Hope you enjoy the Andean bear photos as much as I did. I think this is the male cub but it could have been one of the girls (his sister or mother).  The Andean bear family (mom, dad and male and female cubs) are out for viewing on weekends only at the National Zoo. Usually, the dad bear is in a separate habitat but they are near enough to watch each other. Thank you for viewing and may God bless you!

PS If you enjoyed this post you'll probably enjoy the Andean Bear Cub's Birthday Bash photos too.


  1. Cool photos, glad he got it out. Maybe it was a piece of that

  2. Thank you Judi :) Hope all is well in your world!