Monday, February 25, 2013

SoulSpace Book Review & Top 5 Quotes

I'm really glad that I made Xorin Balbes' SoulSpace one of my top ten goal related books to read in 2013. I totally enjoyed reading his book and wish I could hire him to help me with my own home. He clearly has a gift for bringing out his clients' true selves and helping them achieve their dream spaces.

Although I borrowed the book from my local library, I'm considering buying a copy to keep as a reward for creating space in my bookshelves (of course, first I will have to make that space). While I'm not at a place to implement his system right now, after I've finished decluttering our home, I do plan to try it. When I do, I plan to revisit each chapter, reading the relevant stage and implementing it before moving on to the next one. I think following his plan will bring me closer to achieving my home vision.

His process consists of eight stages: 1) Assess 2) Release 3) Cleanse 4) Dream 5) Discover 6) Create 7) Elevate 8) Celebrate. Xorin Balbes is very inspirational and encouraging and I loved all the personal examples from his own life and from his clients' lives.

Here are five of his quotes and questions that I found most inspiring:
  • "Every day you're alive is a special occasion." page 88
  • "Who are you in your wildest dreams?" page 107
  • "What do you have that you could be using more or better or differently?" page 118
  • "Be clear about what you dislike about your home and what you want from it. Then make it what you want." somewhere between page 123 - 134
  • "Let yourself create the environment you dream of so you can begin to create the life you want to live." page 135
Best wishes to you in creating your own SoulSpace! May God bless you and all those who enter your home!

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