Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Log Your Volunteer Hours With My Army Once Source / VMIS: Screen Shot Tutorial

Everyone who volunteers on an Army Installation should be logging their volunteer hours monthly. Logging your volunteer hours helps the Installation's Volunteer Program (also called the Army Volunteer Corps) demonstrate the importance of volunteers to Installation leadership and shows that the Volunteer Program is a vital part of your community. It is also helpful for the volunteers to have an easy way of verifying volunteer service records and contributions.

If you've already registered with VMIS/the Army Volunteer Corps website (formerly called and now and applied for and been accepted for your volunteer position, then following the steps in this article is all you need to do. If you haven't yet registered with here is an easy guide to the registration process. If you haven't yet applied for a specific volunteer position then here is an easy guide to the application process. Your volunteer application must be approved before you can log volunteer hours. Each organization's approval person (OPOC) sets his or her own schedule. Personally, I aim to approve all applications within a business day of their submission (so if you're applying for a position where I'm the OPOC and you aren't approved within a business day please let me know).

Step 1
Log in to and then move your cursor over the family programs tab. A columnar list of options will appear. Slide your cursor down to volunteering and across to volunteer tools option and then click on it.

Step 2
Click on the service history tab (I know that it seems more intuitive to click on hours but that option only shows you what hours you've already added; it doesn't allow for adding new hours).

Step 3
Click the yellow edit volunteer activity button.

Step 4
To the far right of the volunteer title for which you are logging hours, click the blue hyperlink where it says hours.
Step 5
Click the yellow add for open dates button towards the bottom right of the screen.

Step 6
When the calendar window opens add your hours (a number of hours for each day volunteered, rounding up to the nearest whole number) in the boxes beside the days of the month that you volunteered. In the example above, Liz volunteered one hour on August 20th so she put a "1" in the box for that date. You do not have to add a zero for days you didn't volunteer. Click the yellow save button.

Congratulations! You have now logged your hours in VMIS at Right now, as in the above screen shot, your hours show as "submitted."

Once your OPOC certifies your volunteer hours they will show as "certified," as in the above screen shot.

Thank you for volunteering and making a positive difference in your community!

Special thanks to my friend Liz who let me take and publish her screen shots.
This article was adapted from one I originally posted here

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