Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Apply For A Volunteer Position With My Army Once Source / VMIS: Screen Shot Tutorial

This post explains how to apply for an Army Volunteer Corps position (that term usually covers any volunteer position on an Army Installation, whether with the Chapel, Child and Youth Services, USO, Army Community Service, Library or any other organization). Essentially, this is part two in the process of logging your volunteer hours. Part one is registering with, covered in this easy tutorial. Note: When you register with you are essentially also registered with VMIS (the Army Volunteer Corps' Volunteer Management Information System). VMIS is part of  
Step 1
Go to then move your cursor over the family programs tab from the main website. A columnar list of options will appear. Slide your cursor down to volunteering and across to click on volunteer tools.

 Step 2
Click on volunteer opportunities (if not already highlighted), then click on your state and then click on your nearest installation. In this example I clicked on "Maryland" and then "Fort George G. Meade."

Step 3
Search for a volunteer position that appeals to you (or the one you are already doing). You can search by military community, address, group (this is a collective group of organizations; e.g. ACS, Red Cross, Spouse Groups, etc.), organization (this is a single organization, such as the Army Family Team Building program within ACS or a specific single military unit), or keyword. The military community, group and organization sections have drop down menus from which to choose; the others have you type your selection. Chose one of these options and then click the yellow search button. In this example I chose to search by "organizations" and then selected "Chapel Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) and then clicked search."

Step 4
A list of volunteer position options should appear and it may have many pages through which to sort  Once you decide which position you desire, click on the blue hyperlink that is the position title. In this example I chose "General Volunteer."

Step 5
A copy of the volunteer position description should appear. Read through the position description. If you decide that it appeals to you click the yellow apply button towards the bottom of the page (if not, you can click the yellow "back to search results" or "back to opportunity locator" button and start over from there).

Step 6
The next screen you see should include a privacy act notice and volunteer position application. The VMIS system should automatically fill in the information you provided when registering with All you need to do is read the privacy act information and then fill in any fields that have asterisks (although you're welcome to supply more information) and click the yellow submit button.

You should receive a message something like "volunteer application sent". Congratulations! You have now successfully applied for a volunteer position using VMIS.

The organization's Official Point of Contact (OPOC) for volunteers will receive an email that s/he has a new volunteer application. OPOCs usually contact the volunteer if they have questions or once they accept the application. Once your application is accepted you can then start logging your volunteer hours using VMIS (this process is covered in my next post).

Bless your heart for volunteering! The world is a better place because of great volunteers like you!

Thank you to Liz for kindly letting me use her screen shots.
This article was adapted from one I originally posted here.

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