Monday, January 23, 2012

Teen Inspires Minimalist Spending

Photo by Chase Miller Photographers
 "I have more money to spend on important items or experiences because I am not constantly buying unneeded things." Chase Miller

Just finished a great article by teen minimalist, photographer and "Surfboard Man" Chase Miller. While I have yet to personally embrace minimalism as a lifestyle I certainly see the wisdom in it, especially as it pertains to unnecessary spending. So many people are drowning in debt because they're buying things they don't really need or love. More of us need to think before we spend. 

I'm a very frugal person but I still go overboard on "good deals" sometimes. Just last week I bought 49 items at Michaels. 49! And I have a whole craft room of things already waiting to be made. These 49 items were only 20 cents each but the fact is that I didn't really need them. We're still repairing the damage to our house caused by November's flood and logically I know I oughtn't be bringing more stuff into the house. So I'm going to adapt Chase's minimalist spending attitude. If I don't need it and it doesn't contribute to a major life goal, I'm not buying it. Prayers and positive thoughts appreciated! May God bless you in your finances and give you wisdom to discern between wants and needs!


  1. Great plan Phyllis, stick with your goal and you will succeed!

  2. Thank you Mark :) I've revised my goal to accommodate my love of a good deal but it is definitely beneficial to think before spending.