Friday, August 10, 2012

Raindrops on Pretty Flowers for Floral Friday

Happy floral Friday dear friends! I took these photos in my yard just after a rainstorm earlier today. Please let me know which you like best. As you can see in the photo above our black eyed Susan flowers are at their peak. I believe they are the official Maryland state flower. They do seem to thrive here, even with our heavy clay soil.

It's a real treat to grow zinnias (and any flower) from seed and even more so when I get to see butterflies enjoying the blooms. Our zinnias and echinacea plants seem to be our top butterfly attracting plants (although the joe pye weed, obedient plants, milkweed, butterfly bushes, cosmos, lantana and some of our other plants all attract them too). God sure has gifted us with many joys on this earth!

A moth enjoying our red and yellow (bicolor) marigolds.

 A rare yellow echinacea (coneflower) bloom.

A surprise late blooming day lily makes an appearance. I think it's a baby from one of our larger plants that flowered earlier in the year. That's all for this floral Friday's post. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

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