Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friendly Encouragement and Impromptu Family Photos

Models: My neighbor, Steve, and his granddaughter
Photograph by Phyllis Wheeler
The bulk of my day yesterday was spent with home repair contractors (which seems to have been the case most weekdays since early April but, God willing, has finally concluded) and nursing a migraine. But it was one of the most beautiful (and cool) days we've had in a while and I didn't want to miss out on enjoying the blessed weather so in the late afternoon I put on my darkest sunglasses and a hat and did some gardening. To my happy surprise not only one but three human and two canine friends popped over to encourage me.

I didn't have my camera out when Midge popped by so I don't have a photo of her but we hadn't seen each other in ages and it was a great visit. I can't see so well when I have a migraine so when she honked I waved but really had no idea to whom I was waving. On impulse she stopped her vehicle and we enjoyed a brief but wonderful visit. It was wonderful to see her so vibrant and healthy and learn that she has a new job she loves. Her kindness definitely lifted my spirits.

Just a few minutes later my neighbor, Steve, and his granddaughter were walking by with their dogs. I don't often get to see Steve's granddaughter as she doesn't live here and last time I saw her I'd promised to take some pictures for them so I grabbed my pink point and shoot camera and we had an impromptu photo shoot.

I love this shot of the two of them. Steve is a devoted grandfather and his granddaughter basks in his affection. She's a sweet young lady with a bundle of energy but she'll slow down for a hug or a kiss on the head.

This is their dog Max. I think he's a pug. He's been thriving under Steve's family's care. When they first got him I think he was about double his current weight. He moves and breathes a lot better now. Someday I will learn to use (and get) some fancy photo editing software and when that happens I have some fun in store for Max's photo.

This is their dog Biscuit. I've known Biscuit since she was a puppy and she reminds me of my Mom's best dog ever, Little Bear. They're both mixed breed dogs but little bear was relaxed and Biscuit is a always moving. This isn't technically a good shot but I thought it was funny and cute anyway.

I still have the tail end of that migraine but it's sure nice to have friends who'll say hello when they see me out in the garden.

What cheers you up when you aren't feeling well?


  1. Thanks Phyllis for the spirit pickup

    1. Thank you for popping by and commenting Paula! Comments are always an encouragement to me :-)

  2. Hope your migraine is gone...what special neighbors you have...both kinds, lol...let's see, what cheers me up when I'm not feeling well?...hmmm, God sends unexpected surprises like a phone call, or a particularly good bible reading, or devotional reading, or my horse decides to do what I ask the first time, lol...

    1. Thank you Judi. It's better but still there a little. At least it seems to be on the easing up side of things.

      Those are all very cheering things :) God is so good!!!!! It's amazing how He sometimes sends just what we need right when we need it.

      I was blessed to visit with Tamara and Mike on their anniversary :) Will have to follow up with them about permission to blog about it :) They both got pictures of themselves with bonsais planted the year they were born :)

      Wish you a big hug!