Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Haiku Poem

Here's a little haiku with big ideas inspired by a great man whose tireless efforts and timeless ideas changed our world and continue to live on today. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day from my heart to yours. May peace reign in our hearts and homes.

 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Haiku
He had a big dream
That we should all share today
Love - peace - harmony
May God bless Martin Luther King Jr.'s descendants and may He bless you too!
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  1. He is one of the greatest man of all times. I strive to achieve his level of integrity.

  2. I like the haiku. Sharing with you A Haiku for Gabriel Garcia Marquez at Youtube “taGTMzMiEX8”
    Read also an interview with an interview with Gabriel (imaginary) in “stenote” dot “blogspot” dot “com” in the 2014 folder.