Saturday, January 18, 2014

Red Pandas Eating, Grooming and Grooving

This week my friend Pam and I enjoyed a trip to the National Zoo. The red pandas were particularly active and we enjoyed watching them eat, groom themselves and move gracefully around their habitat (that's where the grooving in the title comes from). The male even walked right up to us and was probably only two feet away at one point! Were it not for the glass we could have touched him.
The red pandas move quickly and surely with such beautiful movements they almost appear to be dancing, especially when they climb gracefully up into the trees. I believe this is the male red panda that caused a commotion (and necessitated some security changes to the habitat) by escaping a few months ago. He seems to have adjusted now and the zoo keepers have provided plenty of entertainment in the red panda habitat.
 Here the red panda is enjoying a bamboo snack. I love its bushy racoon-like tail.
After dancig its way up into the tree the red panda took a grooming break and then promptly fell asleep. Even though it looks like she's sleeping, she's groomingherelf in this photo. The red panda's grooming reminded me of my own cat's self cleaning methods. Between the eating, dance-like roaming, climbing and grooming, it was a great day to see the red pandas in action.

I hope you enjoyed my red panda photos! Come back soon for some funny llama/alpaca photos (I'm not sure which they are but they made me laugh out loud). May God bless and keep you!

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