Monday, April 30, 2012

Fish Grabbing Bird Photos

Photograph by Ben Wheeler
Celebrating my first Unplugged Sunday, my husband and I went to the National Zoo and were treated to the sight of these medium sized birds (they looked about 12-18" tall) sneakily grabbing the fish that the Zoo's keepers had strewn across the front lawn of an empty exhibit.

Photograph by Ben Wheeler
The birds would try to wait until no humans were around to grab their fish but this one was eager for its fish. It stood peering at us from on one side of the tree and then stealthily walked around the back and peered at us from the other side. It would start to approach the fish and then scurry back behind the tree when other zoo visitors approached. This continued for a while. 

Photograph by Ben Wheeler
Then suddenly it ran up, grabbed a fish and flew away. Do you happen to know what kind of bird this is? There weren't any keepers around to ask (they must have tossed the fish in just before we arrived) and the exhibit was unmarked. I guess the birds are allowed to be wild as they were flying in and out of the exhibit at will. Whatever kind of bird it is, it was fun to watch. May God bless you!

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