Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Cat Photo Fun

I had planned a fun feline Easter photo session with rabbit ears and Easter eggs but with the excavation craziness it just didn't happen. So today (this is actually being posted on 4/26) when I decided it was time to put our Easter card away (thank you Teresa, Carla, Mama & Snowball!) I thought it was a good opportunity to sneak in some fun Easter cat photos. Hope you enjoy them! You can see our St. Patrick's day fun feline photo session photos (with leprechaun hats and shamrock necklaces) here.

I thought the pastels of this fabulous afghan made by my dear friend Renee (thank you!) were kind of Easter-y.

Here both cats are smelling the Easter card. Apparently cats must investigate mysterious cards with rabbit covers.

The other two photos with the Easter card were adjusted for brightness and contrast but I decided to leave one in the original state. I think she looks all mysterious as a black cat in an almost black background.

May the God of all peace bless you dear reader!

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