Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Brown-Brooks Project

Donated yarn and thankful puppy
Photograph by Kim Brown Brooks
The Brown-Brooks Project was started by my friend Kim Brown Brooks in honor of her warm-hearted late brother, Billy Brown and other loved ones who have passed. It's a relatively new grass roots effort to provide warm scarves, hats and afghans for her local population of an often neglected group of youth and lonely nursing home residents. For more information visit or email Kim at

Donations of yarn or hand crafted hats, scarves or afghans (or even granny squares to be pieced into afghans) are welcomed by the Brown-Brooks Project. According to its Facebook page, "The Brown-Brooks Project is committed to renewing a spirit of love, giving and caring in our community through action. Though donations are welcome, we ask for items such as yarn, afghans, etc in place of money for the donor's peace of mind."

Volunteers will turn your donated yarn into warm hats, scarves and afghans for people who need them
Photograph by Kim Brown Brooks
Disclaimer note: I have no material connection with Kim Brown Brooks or the Brown-Brooks Project and wasn't asked or paid to write this post.


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