Friday, February 20, 2015

Clearing Cabinet Clutter & Clutter Curbing Cat

While I love the energy and immediate results of a quick clutter clearing session, sometimes health, energy or time only allow for short little bits of clutter busting. Based on the photo dates, this cabinet took me at least from January 12 to 24 to clear of clutter.

The "before" photo is on the left and the "after" photo is on the right. I believe, based on the thick sweaters to the left and black socks scattered here and there in the "before" photo, that I started before January 12 because when I started on this cabinet it was crammed full and there was no room for even the socks.

I decided to put the socks in there to make them easier to reach once a little space was cleared. In the "after" photo you can see that all the socks now fit on one shelf. I've since moved my white and fleece socks to the shelf below and now all of the socks I regularly wear are easy to reach. In addition, the cabinet now holds my warmest winter sweaters, alternate winter bedding, extra pillows, a treasured afghan made by a precious friend and travel supplies.

If you've been following my blog you know organizing is a love of mine and clutter clearing an ongoing goal. My health has not been great lately but I still aim to clear a little clutter every day, even if it's just one item. Knowing that I haven't missed a day in over a year makes me want to keep the streak going. Sometimes it's random items and sometimes it'll be focused on one area (like the cabinet above). I currently have four of these cabinets in our master bedroom and I'd like to eliminate them and eventually consolidate things into our existing closets and other more attractive furniture. The other three cabinets have clothing. One is already clutter busted, so keep an eye out for the next clutter busted cabinet post soon.
My cute little cat, Baby, loves to watch me clear clutter. And when I find an item she might enjoy playing with we take a little break and have fun. She absolutely loved this gold tassel and when she flipped it over her head and it landed on her ear I couldn't resist taking her photo. She's the best clutter clearing helper. When I'm not sure whether to keep something I let her smell it and usually while she's investigating I have my answer. She gets rewarded with petting and everyone's happy.

Do you have any clutter busting tips? I'd love to hear them! May God bless you and yours!

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