Friday, October 12, 2012

Raindrops on Roses, Azalea, Camellia, Butterfly Bush and a mystery flower

Raindrops on a wild rose: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
Happy floral Friday, dear reader! Earlier this week my husband and I enjoyed a rainy walk in the U.S. National Arboretum's Asian Garden. There's something especially beautiful about flowers with raindrops on them. 
Raindrops on red azalea blooms: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
It's always a pleasant surprise to see azaleas blooming in the fall. On a break between rainshowers there were even some bees enjoying the flowers.
Mystery plant with spiky flower: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
I have no idea what kind of plant/flower is pictured above (if you do, please share!) but it was neat looking.
Raindrops on a white camellia bloom: Photo by Phyllis Wheeler
This camellia almost looks like a peony so it brings thoughts of spring to mind, even on a chilly autumn day.
Vibrant butterfly bush bloom: Photo by Ben Wheeler
My husband took this beautiful and unusually colored butterfly bush flower cluster photo. We didn't see any butterflies but usually these bushes attract plenty of them.

That's all for today's floral photo tour. Hope you enjoyed it. Which was your favorite photo? I wish you a happy weekend and pray that God will bless you!

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