Thursday, May 16, 2013

"The Cat Who Came Back for Christmas" Book Review

I just finished reading Julia Romp's The Cat Who Came Back for Christmas, a wonderful book about a rescued cat named Ben (and also called Baboo) who positively changes the life of a boy with autism. It was illuminating to see the challenges raising a child who has autism and heart warming to see what a difference an animal companion can make.

My husband's name is Ben and Mom has a cat named "Ben" so that probably made it extra special for me but I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about autism or loves cats.

Although Julia probably meant to focus the story on George (her son) and Ben's relationship, Julia's dedication as a mother was clear throughout the book. I love this quote from page ten: "I loved George from the moment I saw him and wanted to do my best for him. He was my baby, a tiny, defenseless creature I had created and would be responsible for forever; a part of me that I would do anything to love and protect."

Julia's dedication to George's well being didn't waver, even when he was incapable of expressing any love or thankfulness for her mothering. Ben made such a difference in George's life that Julia did some really far out things to try to find Ben when he was lost. I don't know that every mother would be willing to sacrifice so much for her children but I do believe that a mother's love is one of the strongest forces for good in our world and I applaud Julia and salute all the good parents out there!

May God bless you and your family!

Disclaimer: This review is my own unsolicited opinion and I am not affiliated with Julia Romp, the publisher or receiving any financial gain for the review.

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